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We offer farming apprenticeships to those who know they want to create their own farming enterprise. As an apprentice you will be involved with all of the farm work at Flying Plow Farm and will be asked to take some responsibilities on for yourself. When the farmers are working, you are working. This means you are expected to be available everyday, all day, just as you would be on your own farm. You will also be involved in some of the planning and decision making of the farm, allowing you to learn about the "behind the scenes" aspect of running a farm.

You must be a hard working, efficient and observant individual. We seek people who take direction well, but who also anticipate what needs to be done and do it. These are the most important traits of a good farmer.

You will learn a lot just by working and observing. This is how Sarah and Tom started their farming career and we feel it is the best way to learn.

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We offer farming internships for those who wish to explore farming as a lifestyle or for those who want a summer farming experience. As an intern you will work a set number of hours a week and your work will mainly include sowing, transplanting, weeding and harvesting.

As with our apprentices, we seek hardworking, efficient and observant individuals who are not afraid to take initiative.

Being a farming intern is great way to experience the labor aspect of a farm and help you decide if being a farmer suits you.

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Beginning Farmer Training Program

We also participate in the Beginning Farmer Training Program.

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Past Apprentices

See what our past apprentices are up to now .

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