Pasture Raised

Chicken that is raised on pasture and given access to fresh grasses, clovers and insect has a superior flavor than any other chicken you can buy.

Organic Feed

Our chickens are fed certified organic feed from Organic Unlimited.


We recieve our chicks in the mail from a Pennsylvania hatchery. They are shipped the day they are born, so when they get to us they are one day old.

In The Brooder

Young chicks are very delicate and need to be kept in a controlled environment during their first couple weeks. This is why we have them in our brooder until they are 3 weeks old. Here they are protected from extremes of the weather and kept dry until they begin to grow their true feathers.

Out On Grass

Once the chicks are 3 to 4 weeks old, depending on the outside temperature, we move them from the brooder to our field pens. Here they are bathed in sunshine and have access to fresh pasture and insects while supplementing their diet with a grain ration.

Moving Pens

Our pens protect the chickens from ground and airborn predators. They also give them shade from the sun or protection from the rain. The pens are moved once daily while the chicks are still small, and then they are moved twice daily once the chickens get larger. Moving the pens gives the chickens plenty of access to fresh pasture and insects while evenly distributing their manure as a fertililzer.