Raised on Pasture

The laying hens at Flying Plow always have access to fresh pasture, this means they are able to supplement their grain rations with grasses, clovers and insects.

Organic Feed

Our laying hens are fed certified organic feed from Organic Unlimited.

Fresh Pasture Makes Good Eggs

Since our hens are foraging for greens and insects their eggs are inherently healthier for you than hens raised in confinement. Pasture-raised eggs have more omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamin A, more vitamin E, and more beta carotene than other eggs.

Moving, moving, moving

Significant to the management of our layers is the fact that we are constantly moving them. Their coops move daily and their grazing paddocks move weekly. This gives them fresh pasture and evenly distributes their manure.

Part of the cycle

Our hens play an important part in our farm organism, they add fertility to our pastures and hay fields, helping to grow more grass for beef cattle and work horses.