What We Do

Flying Plow is a diverse certified organic farm in Cecil County, MD. Our primary focus is vegetable production for our 150 member CSA,  four farmers markets, an on-farm stand, and some restaurant/wholesale sales. Most of our working hours are spent around the vegetables, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, packing, selling, etc.

We have 13 acres in vegetable production with 6.5 acres in cash crops during the season and the remainder in cover crops. We harvest every week of the year. 

Vegetables make up the bulk of our farming time and our income, but we have plenty of livestock, too. We keep 4 draft horses to help with vegetable tillage, cultivation, and farm chores. During the year we have 150 to 300 layers on the farm, and during the spring and fall we raise several batches of pastured broiler chickens. Finally, we have a small grass-based beef herd that are rotationally grazed and a few pigs here and there throughout the season.

How We Work

We seek crew members who:

  • Are passionate and motivated about working on a diversified farm.
  • Are observant, efficient, enthusiastic, self-motivated, responsible, and detail oriented.
  • Desire and are able to work long hours during the peak of the season in all types of weather.
  • Are physically resilient. You should be able to repeatedly lift and carry 50 pounds;  crouch, squat, and bend for long periods of time in all types of weather.
  • Have a strong work ethic with a can-do, let’s get it done attitude.
  • Desire to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Have a sense of humor and a strong sense of perspective.


We give preference to those applicants that are able to work full-time in all aspects of the farm, interested in a year or longer commitment to the farm, and have demonstrated passion for farming.  

Open Positions

Farmers Market Staff

This is a seasonal, part time position. We are looking for a motivated, people-person to help us sell veggies, chicken, and eggs at the Bel Air Farmers Market in Bel Air, MD on Saturday mornings through December. The market runs from 7am to 11am, so market staff would arrive at 6:15am to help with market setup and leave at 11:30am after market is over.

Packing House Staff

This is a seasonal, part time position or full time position. We are looking for detail oriented, efficient workers to help wash, sort, and pack organic produce in a fast paced environment. We pack and sort produce each day of the week so we can accommodate part time and full time staff. 

LIvestock Chores

This is a part time position. We are looking for part time help to feed and turn out horses, muck stalls, collect and wash eggs, feed and water layer chickens and pastured broiler chickens, and help with moving fences for our grassfed beef herd.

Full-time Farm worker

This is a year-round full time position. We are looking for observant, efficient, enthusiastic, self-motivated, responsible, and detail oriented people who want to learn about farming while farming.

Apply Now

To apply please complete our application by opening the form below.

Along with submitting the application please email a resume to flyingplowfarm@gmail.com with "FPF Worker Resume" in the subject line.