The newest tool in the shed @ flying Plow is Harvie!

We are now running our CSA with the power of Harvie, a sharp tool that helps us better meet the needs of our CSA members.

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What is Harvie?

 Harvie is a software platform that helps CSA farmers meet their members' needs through a customizable program.

Each week's share will be based on your preferences. For example: don't like beets? You will never get them! And each week you can further customize your share, as well as order extras.

Harvie gives you more choice and flexibility while still supporting local farmers!

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How Does It Work?

After signing up for our CSA, you will see a list of all the crops that we grow and you will rate each item from 0 ("I never want it in my share") to 5 ("I love it!").

Based on your preferences and the farmers’ entered harvest list, Harvie curates your perfect share and sends you an e-mail with a sneak peak of what to expect. You will have a window of time to swap items in your share or order extras.

Need more info? This PDF will give you an idea of how Harvie works.

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Why Use Harvie?

We love the CSA model and feel very strongly about it's value to members, farmers and the land, but we can always do better.

Harvie is better! With Harvie helping to manage the CSA, you maintain a direct connection to agriculture and the food your family eats, but increase your control and flexibility over each week's share.

We're very excited about this innovation in CSA farming and we know you will be too!

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Customized Shares

Customized shares will allow you to select preferences at sign-up and then customize each week based on what’s available. Get more of what you like and less of what you will throw away!

Reduced Food Waste

Because you are getting what you want, you’ll see less food getting tossed or composted which is going to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Purchase Delivery Extras

Order extra items we have available to put right in your share with just a few clicks of a button which means fewer trips to the grocery store and more time in your day.

Payment Plans

No need to write checks or remember to make a payment. Choose the payment plan that works best for you and your card will be charged automatically each time your share is delivered.

Delivery Flexibility

Vacation planned? No problem. You can easily put a “hold” on your share and schedule two shares on a different week so no more missing out on those veggies you paid for.

Cooking Suggestions & Recipes

Fridge full of food but nothing for dinner? We’ve got you covered. Harvie provides you with recipes, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources all custom chosen to match what is in your share!

The Harvie Community

You’ll be invited to join the private Facebook group for Harvie CSA members all over the world! It is an active group with lots of shared tips, recipes, and member’s farm experiences.

Customer Service

The Harvie help desk is available ( to help you sign up and answer questions when ever needed!