Dear Friends of Flying Plow,
This has been a fantastic growing season for Flying Plow in so many ways. Our harvests have been
bountiful and our membership and community reach has been growing. We thank you for being here
and being part of all of this.
Four years ago when we founded Flying Plow Farm we wanted to create a true, diversified small farm
that fed and was supported by its community. We wanted to create a truly sustainable farm that
improved the soil, produced much of its fertility from within, and was profitable.
This dream of building our own farm took shape after many years of apprenticing and then managing
other farms. We took the leap and created Flying Plow in the winter of 2010 on rented land. Our
favorite memory of that beginning is shoveling the snow drifts from Snowmegeddon in February to
clear the footprint of our seedling greenhouse with our good friends Jordan and Anton (both farmers in
their own pockets of the Northeast now). From that time to now we have grown, prospered and are
now poised to make another leap.
This summer and fall we had been working to finalize the purchase of our own farm, and on Monday
we settled. We have bought a farm! Flying Plow will now have a permanent home!
As a business and a family, this holds great significance for us. But, we also want to point out an even
larger significance. You, as our community and as our customers, have made this possible. You have
decided that small, sustainable farms matter and that you will support them. Starting a farm with
literally a few thousand dollars to securing land in suburban Maryland within 5 years is a huge
accomplishment and you were a vital piece in that.
We feel that this is so important to point out that we'll say it again. You, have made this possible and
you have purposefully decided that small-scale sustainable agriculture matters, is real, has vitality and
is here to stay.
We are grateful to have had the opportunity to start our business on this beautiful estate in Joppa. Each
season brought our farm closer to something we could consider sustainable. The soil improved. The
diversity increased. Our markets expanded. However, without land ownership, our foundation has been
insecure and our ideals of sustainability, to us, seemed futile. With true land security, every load of
compost and every season of cover crops will have longer lasting significance. Every nail we pound
will now resonate for our generation into the next.
This winter Flying Plow Farm will be moving to the village of Harrisville, just outside Rising Sun. The
address of the farm is 96 Charles Johnson Farm Lane, Rising Sun, MD, here it is on a map … . We'll be right off Route 1 a few miles north of the Conowingo Dam. This is
about 25 minutes to a half hour from our current location.
Our Markets
We will continue to serve our two main farmers markets of Bel Air and Havre de Grace while
considering adding a third market in the Cecil County, Chester County, or New Castle County areas.
We will also continue to operate our Winter Harvest Online Ordering with deliveries to Bel Air and
Havre de Grace while still attending the Kennett Square Winter Market.
Even though moving a bit north will change some of the ways we operate our CSA, we will continue to
offer an on-farm pickup in Rising Sun on either Tuesdays or Fridays. However, in order to
accommodate our members we will be extending the pickup hours quite a bit. Shares will be available
for pickup Tuesdays from 2pm to 8pm and Wednesdays from 7am to noon. The same idea for Fridays,
2pm to 8pm and 7am to noon on Saturday.
We will also be offering several options for delivered shares. Delivered shares will be bagged/boxed or
laid out market-style and available for pickup at your desired pickup location. We have not finalized all
of the times yet but they will be in the afternoon and evening. Members receiving delivered shares can
come to the farm Tuesday through Saturday to take part in the U-Pick items.
Confirmed Delivery Sites
• Tuesday, 2 – 8 pm, Baron's K9 Country Store, 512 Pritt Ln, Bel Air
• Tuesday, 2:20 – 8pm, Private Residence on Franklinville Rd, Joppa (near Old Joppa Rd)
• Tuesday, 3 – 6 pm, Private Residence on Rolling Place, Bel Air (near Ring Factory Elementary)
Please note this location will be an alternating share. Every other week you would pick up on
Rolling Place in Bel Air and on alternate weeks you would come to the farm in Rising Sun.
• Wednesday, 2 – 8 pm, Private Residence on Old Joppa Rd, Joppa (near the corner of
Hollingsworth Rd)
• Wednesday, 4 – 8 pm, Peace Yoga, 122 S. Main St, Bel Air
• Wednesday, 5 – 7 pm, Wine World, 406 Constant Friendship Blvd, Abingdon
Other sites waiting day and time confirmations are:
• Coffee Coffee in the Festival Shopping Center in Bel Air
• Belvedere Farm, 2840 Pleasantville Rd, Fallston
We are looking to add more options in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to host a delivery site or
know of a business or residence that would, please send us an email.
For 2014 we are also introducing a Market Share. This works like a debit account that can be used at
any of our farmers market locations and for any of our products (veggies, eggs, chicken). A bonus
credit of 10% will be added your account at the beginning of the season. There will be many
opportunities for social events at the farm, but this option does not include the open u-pick at the farm.
There is no weekly commitment to spend a certain amount, shop whenever you like and pickup only
what your family needs!
Joining Our CSA
If you are interested in joining our CSA you can download our 2014 commitment form from our
website. Our CSA share price is the same as last season, $700. Those interested in our delivered shares
can choose which location they prefer.
If you have any questions about the 2014 market season or CSA please don't hesitate to ask, you can
call us, 443 686 9786, or email,
Once again, thank you for your support and we hope you will join us for this next leg of our farming
Tom & Sarah