March as certainly come in like a lion, and I know we're all hoping it goes out like a lamb, but it doesn't seems likely for this week. In between the spats of winter and spring weather we've found some time to start plowing with our new team of Lady and Toad.

Even for big horses and cutting a shallow furrow, plowing was hard work for them. They are drastically out of shape, Toad's "blubber" jiggles when he walks (not that I should talk), so we took it easy and had long rests after every two to three passes.

The plow ran much nicer with the Belgians than with the Haflingers. Seems to be a combination of the Belgians' taller stature and the pull being a little bit easier for them. Lady is a pro and walks nice and calm to preserve her energy while Toad likes to jig a little which gets him tired out and sweaty; we'll work on this to see if we can get him to calm down.

The tractor plow will probably make an appearance this week if the ground dries out enough. We'd like to do all our work with the horses but so far it hasn't been practical, however we have been able to add more and more horse work each season.

Much progress has been made in our greenhouse as well. Onions are started along with lettuce, scallions, kohlrabi, chard, yukina savoy, and parsley. Oh yea, and Winterbor Kale! Take that seed shortage! Good thing we had leftover kale seed from last fall.

2014 CSA

We're adding CSA members weekly, but we still have openings for the 2014 season. If you are considering joining just be aware we have sold out in the past, so joining sooner may be better than later. Info on our CSA can be found on the Join Our CSA page.

Winter Harvest

We'll be taking orders for this week but our selection has dwindled. Available are our eggs, chicken, ground pork, parsnips, and celeriac. See the order form on the Winter Harvest page.

Have a good week!