Last weekend, in anticipation of the snow, we were able to get our first round of direct plantings in the ground. These should be germinating this week after the rain we had, and now sun and warm weather forecast.

Brittany and I planted peas, lettuce mix, greens mix, turnips, beets, and carrots using the earthway push seeder. I also broadcast our first 1/2 acre of cover crop using oats and field peas. The plan is to graze our first batch of broiler chickens on this 1/2 acre. Speaking of which, the chicks have arrived ...

While we're on the topic of arrivals let's welcome Stephen, one of our two full season apprentices. I'm sure you'll run into him at CSA pickups and during markets, be sure to say hello. Also, seems like something called spring is on the way too ...

We have decided to keep Rocky and Rosie after all. While trying to sell them I realized that I have grown pretty attached to them and couldn't let them go! So, after trying to be so pragmatic we now have 5 work horses on the farm, which has led to attempts to work them together. This past week we hitched Lady (the belgian) with Princess and Rocky (the haflingers) for our first three horse hitch. While Lady and Princess do not seem to like each other at all, they did alright pulling me around on the stone boat.

Winter Harvest

We're taking orders for delivery this week. We have plenty of eggs, chicken, ground pork, parsnips and celeriac. One of the crew will also be at the Kennett Square Market on Friday from 2pm to 4pm. Place your orders for this weekend using our Winter Harvest Order Form.


The 2014 CSA is filling up but we still have shares available. Information can be found on the Join Our CSA page. If you have questions concerning the CSA shares please give us a call or send us an email.

For those of you who have already joined be on the look out for a few emails from us concerning CSA start dates, our upcoming ice cream social and orientation, and information about our egg shares and chicken shares.

Wishing everyone a great week! And for the hockey fans out there, as the playoff race heats up I'd just like to say, Let's Go Rangers!