Sometimes I grossly underestimate the time required for certain projects. This usually happens when we have to build something, like a greenhouse, or a chicken coop, or a chick brooder. My initial time estimate for putting up our greenhouse was one week. Ha! In reality it took four weeks. Granted, the weather did make things difficult, but I was still way off.

I think this happens because I'm usually in the "get things done quickly because there's a whole list of things to do" mindset of vegetable farming. But, what I've only just realized is that carpentry work requires a change in attitude that focuses on getting the details correct and not worrying about how long it takes.

Plastic is on, propane is installed, electric is run, we're ready to start seeding! We'll be starting leeks, onions, lettuce, parsley, eggplants and peppers this week.

Winter Harvest ...

We'll be taking orders this week for delivery to Bel Air and HdG. We have had a request to deliver to Northeast and will make a stop if at least 3 people order for Saturday. Also, please note the shortened hours at Bel Air, we will be at the market location from 10am to 10:30am.

Available this week are parsnips, celeriac, purple top turnips and carrots. The parsnips have been especially sweet this week; we've been making parsnip fries in the oven. We still have our chicken and pork available as well as eggs.

Our hens are still not laying enough eggs to fill all of our orders, so we have teamed up with our friends down the road at Stone Run Farm. Since they currently have a surplus of eggs we will be filling orders with our eggs first and then theirs.

Place your order here, Winter Harvest Order Form.

You'll also find us at the Kennett Square Winter Market this Friday from 2pm to 4pm.

Dreaming of spring,