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This will be your dedicated share type, pick up day, and location for the entire season and cannot change on a week to week basis. The harvest season runs for 26 weeks from the week of May 22nd to the week of November 13th. The delivery schedule is tentative and subject to change prior to May 1, 2018.
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Share price is $800.
Amount will be added to your total due.
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The money we get from members is the majority of our working capital for the season. Our most hefty costs, like seeds, are in the early spring, so we appreciate if you are able to pay as much as possible early on. $250 required at time of sign up to hold your share (and early pricing schedule). We are very flexible with payment plans. Members have until May 1 to pay full amount, in any schedule that suits you. However, shares are due in full by May 1. Any shares not paid in full by May 1 will be offered to another family. No refunds given. We will send out monthly balance reminders until the commitment is paid in full.
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Optional Fruit Share from North Star Orchard